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Who Are We

NewsBlocks.com is managed and operated by Truth Savior - a non profit organization dedicated to exposing hidden truths. It was created by Yovav Gad. All of our products are proudly designed and developed in the USA. You can support our mission, help us grow and spread truth in reporting with no hidden agendas, a small donation goes a long way, make a donation through PayPal or Bitcoin

Mission and purpose

This web portal was created to provide a rich and fun platform for writing alternative news articles by anyone who likes to act as a journalist, allowing individuals to become real authors, entertain, inform, inspire, reveal, and expose the truth day to day. Anyone can easily sign-up, post and use our advanced publishing tools to share their work on social media with no filters, censorship, or any specially required approvals.

We will publish an article as long as it does not violate copyright laws or hurt anyone, regardless if it is politically incorrect or does not match the common mainstream media brainwashing agendas. We are completely unbiased, unafraid, and an agenda-free website.

Business strategies

Our in house developed web platform “PortalEngine” is designed for creating new web portals with minimum development efforts, many of the platform features are shared and allow a significant reduction in development time, using powerful open source components and the most recent Microsoft tools and technologies such as: C#, ASP.NET, MVC, Entity Framework, SQL Server, Team Foundation Server, jQuery, and many more.

In a world where powerful families control major news agencies such as CNN, NBC, and others, manipulating public opinion and producing fake news to affect elections, strike fear into the hearts of people and basically reporting whatever serve their agendas while ignoring the rest. People are realizing it and seeking a neutral, agenda-free reporting. Truth Savior is all about freedom of speech, truth, and entertainment.