The world's first fully functional A.I. sex robot is ready for play, when you figure out what it is that she can do, you'll be kicking your girlfriend, wife, or mistress to the curve
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The $30 billion sex tech industry known as Abyss Creations in San Marco, California has unveiled at $15,000 robot companion that can do almost everything a real woman can.

It can talk, learn, and will never say no. Imagine walking into `a store and finding a hyper-realistic synthetic creature in a white leotard, with a busty chest and French-manicured fingers splayed across the top of her slim thighs. Well, that's what the face of the future of sex.

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Let us take a look at the recently launched sex robot Harmony. With the invention of Harmony, the sex tech industry has taken the game to a different level altogether.Watch to find out.

RealDoll by Abyss Creations is home of the worlds finest love dolls

RealDoll Home of the worlds finest love dolls  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

She'll learn everything about her man as soon as she comes out of her proverbial box. You might even consider kicking your girlfriend or wife to the curve for the perfect woman. The only downer is that at $15,000, this sexual android will require you to take out a small loan or max out a credit card or two.

Meet Harmony, a prototype, robotic version of the silicone sexy toy  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

But this isn't some cheap, hollowed out life-size sex toy. In fact, it may be the closest thing to the woman of many men's dreams to date.

Are you tired of not having a girlfriend because you don't feel you're attractive enough  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

Well, don't worry. By the end of this year, you'll have one of the best options of your life. Not only will she satiate your physical desires, but will satisfy you on an emotional level as well.

We're talking about a sex bot with artificial intelligence to make you feel like a real man  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

In just a few short months, you'll be meeting Harmony, the first super sexy android that will give you goosebumps the moment you hear her voice.

Aside from being an advanced sex toy, it can have meaningful conversations too  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

It'll learn about your interests and your personal likes and dislikes. She'll even remember some of the important things you've told her about your personal life, which sadly, isn't always a guarantee with the real thing.

Imagine that you're not interested in small talk, but would rather just get right down to it  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

With Harmony, or one of her droid sisters, you can do the deed and be done. There's no need for seductive conversations or foreplay. You just do it and then store Harmony until the next time you need her.

What do you feel when you're having sex with Harmony  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

She's as amazing as the real thing. Her skin is made of silicone which mimics the look and feel of human skin. So when you're touching her, it will take sex with this bot to a whole new level.

You can never expect to mold a real woman to become something she's not or doesn't want to be  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

But with Harmony, you'll be able to program her to be timid or a sultry seductress. But the best part is, that the more time she spends with you, the more she'll learn about what it takes to make you love her more.

There are all kinds of faces you can choose from for your life-like doll  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

You don't have to limit yourself to just one stereotypical body type or the shape of an individual face. Why, given the popularity of the female version, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that a male version of the Harmony doll is also in the works.

Harmony is the kind of girl you can strike a conversation with about anything  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

She's cultured and well-renowned, at least, that's how she's been programmed to be. So you can have a philosophical debate or tell each other jokes.

You can choose from all kinds of luscious looking lips that will satisfy you in different ways  /  image by Tom Silverstone, The Guardian  /  source The Guardian

Whether you're looking to kiss your perfect woman or need her to kiss your downstairs head, her lips will feel as moist and as soft as a living woman. Are you salivating yet?

Designing different aesthetic options are one thing, but the process hasn't been easy  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

There are all types of sizes and shades of colors for things like nipples, but it's taken roughly 5 years for the designers to create Harmony. Best of all, the usual parts can be removed and sterilized in the dishwasher.

She doesn't just talk, wink, and lot sexy as hell, she can do so much more  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

Harmony is so advanced that she can change positions, move her hips and even react to sexual stimulation that way a real woman would.

Harmony can be modeled to match the fantasies of millions of men around the world  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

She's got a tiny waist, enormous boobs, long-lashes, and auburn hair that is to die for. We're surprised that it's taken this long to come up with something like this.

Unlike previous models, Harmony isn't just a realistic looking sex doll  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

A lot of work has been applied to ensure that she looks human, feels human, and responds in a very human way.

Who knows, maybe in a couple of decades, we might all be fighting towards legalizing marriage with sex bots  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

There will definitely be a lot of confusion at a party if other guys bring their Harmony dolls because by the end of this year, clones of Harmony will be on sale worldwide.

Harmony's creator, Matt McMullen, is beyond pleased with the final result  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

He says that "it's about giving people the illusion of companionship. But without any of the hassle or issues of real relationships.

Another perk of dealing with this android sex goddess is that you can't hurt her  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

You'll never have to deal with the difficulties that come with regular relationships like making her cry or breaking her heart, because they're beyond that. Essentially, you'll be creating an alternative form of relationship.

You'll never look at a mannequin at a store in the same way ever again  /  image by Abyss Creations  /  source Instagram

But they certainly can't do what Harmony can do to you. So start saving up some cash now, because once this sex droid goes on sale, all of your fantasies will finally come true.

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Like innumerable children with imaginations fired by animated films, Hong Kong product and graphic designer Ricky Ma grew up watching cartoons featuring the adventures of robots, and dreamed of building his own one day. Unlike most, however, Ma has realized his childhood dream at the age of 42, by successfully constructing a life-sized robot from scratch on the balcony of his home. The fruit of his labors of a year-and-a-half, and a budget of more than $50,000, is a female robot prototype he calls the Mark 1, modeled after a Hollywood star whose name he wants to keep under wraps. It responds to a set of programmed verbal commands spoken into a microphone.

Bloomberg's Hello World host Ashlee Vance recently traveled to Osaka University to see Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro’s latest creation, an android named Erica that's designed to work, one day, as a receptionist or personal assistant. The android has lifelike skin and facial gestures and uses artificial intelligence software to listen to and respond to requests. Is Erica creepy? To Vance she is, but not to Professor Ishiguro, who considers her nearly indistinguishable from a human.

This is a showcase and test of the new artificial doll companion from WM Dolls, makers of real love and sex doll. This doll is 155 cm tall and made out of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), the same soft material you find in your everyday kitchen tools like a spatula. WM Dolls 155 cm real love and sex doll.

This is a showcase and test of limbs moveability of the new artificial doll companion from WM Dolls, makers of real love and sex doll. This doll is 140 cm tall. WM Dolls 140 cm real love and sex doll.

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